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I’m an Englishman who’s been living in Sicily for over 30 years, and much of this time has been spent indulging my passion for food – shopping, cooking and, of course, eating. In my spare time I translate (preferably books on food and wine, you’ll be surprised to hear) and teach, activities which my wife is convinced are merely means to further finance my food expenditure… I’m looking forward to sharing Sicily’s many gastronomic pleasures with you, from the producer to the plate. And that means markets, shops, wineries, restaurants, local specialities and traditions. And, of course, lots of recipes. Some of the ingredients may be difficult to source outside Sicily, but where possible I’ll provide alternatives. And if there are no alternatives, then all I can suggest is to come here yourself, taste the dishes in their natural habitat, and fall in love with the place and the people, just like I did. Because a love for food and a love for life have always gone hand in hand, but nowhere is this more true than in Sicily. To find out more, please come and have a look at